Cashback Rules 2022

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These are the rules and conditions for our Cashback promotion 2022.

Dates of Cashback Promotion:1st January - 31st December 2022

1. Introduction

By using our app you agree to our:

1.1 Terms and conditions

1.2 Privacy policy & personal data processing

1.3 Promotion terms and rules as laid out here in our cashback promotions rules. 

If you do not agree then do not use our app.

1.4 Our cashback promotion is subject to fair play and fair use and is at the sole discretion of MatchMyRoute Ltd

1.5 The user notes that purchases made in the app are purchases from third party retailers and they are not purchasing from MatchMyRoute Ltd.

1.6 MatchMyRoute Ltd is a technology company which provides a platform to introduce users, consumers and retailers. The transaction is between these two parties. MatchMyRoute Ltd is not a retailer. Any items bought via the app is a contract between the user and the retailer and not a contract with MatchMyRoute Ltd.

1.7 Moular processes purchase payments made via the app on behalf of the retailers, this does not constitute a contract between the purchaser and MatchMyRoute Ltd.

1.8 MatchMyRoute Ltd reserves the right to amend these promotion rules and associated conditions at any time.

2. How Cashback Promotion Works:

Users can earn cashback from selected or qualifying purchases within the moular app during the promotion period.

2.1 Cashback promotion period starts on 1st January 2022 and will end at midnight on the 31st December 2022.

2.2 New and existing users will have a standard cashback level of 2% cashback on all qualifying purchases made from within the app during the cashback promotion period.

2.3 Users can increase the level of cashback they earn, by using the share link found on the home screen in their app to invite new users to download and register on the moular app.

2.4 Users cashback will only increase if a new user registers and signs up with an account via a users share link.

2.5 Users will earn an additional 1% cashback on top of their standard 2% for every successful new signup generated from their share link, up to a maximum of 5% total cashback per user.

2.6 New users that register an account during the promotion period will also receive the standard 2% cashback on all in-app purchases and are eligible to invite other new users using their share link to increase their Cashback earning potential to a maximum 5%.

2.7 Cashback can be earned on all qualifying in-app purchases during the promotion period and will be visible and available within a user's account, shortly after a purchase is made.

2.8 Cashback is earned on qualifying purchases made in the app only.

2.8.1 Cashback can be earned even when cashback balance is used towards a new purchase. For example:

User has £5 cashback in their account and makes a new cashback qualifying purchase for £25. 

The user applies their £5 cashback in their account to the new purchase, which reduces the amount to pay to £20. The user then pays £20 and will earn cashback on this £20 portion of the purchase cost and not on the £5 cashback balance redeemed.

2.8.2 Cashback will not be earned where the cash back redeemed is equal to the cost of the new purchase. For example:

User has £5 cashback in their account and makes a new purchase for £5.

The user decides to redeem their £5 cashback for the new purchase leaving nothing to pay after the cashback balance has been applied.

The user will not earn cashback on this purchase as the purchase consists only from already earned cashback.

2.9 Earned Cashback can be used towards qualifying in-app purchases. A user can choose to apply their cashback balance or not to apply cashback at all to a purchase. 

2.9.1 Accumulated cashback balance must be applied all at once towards new purchases, or not at all.

2.9.2 As cashback must be used all at once if a user applies their cashback balance to a purchase and the cost of the purchase is less than their cashback balance then their cashback balance will be considered spent, and reset to £0. For example:

A user has £7 Cashback and makes a new purchase for £5 - the user decides to apply their cashback to the new purchase. Their £7 cashback balance will be applied to the purchase and will be considered spent, the users cash back balance will then be £0.

If a user has £7 cashback balance and makes a purchase of £10 and they decide to apply their £7 cashback balance, all of their £7 will contribute towards the purchase price with the user required to pay the remaining £3 of the original £10 purchase.

2.10 Cashback will not be earned on shipping costs.

2.11 Cashback will not be earned on returns or cancellations. If a user subsequently and successfully requests a refund from a merchant where cashback was received, and has already spent the cashback which they received from the refunded purchase, the refund will be issued with the spent cashback balance deducted from the refund - as this will be deemed to have been spent, a user will not be refunded the cashback amount.

2.12 Cashback will not be earned by merchants purchasing from their own stores but can be earned by employees purchasing from their employers via the app.
3. When Cashback is payable:

Cashback is earned and registered in a user's account after a successfully completed checkout process, cashback will show in a user's account within a few moments after a purchase is complete. Please allow up to 24 hours for the cashback balance to display. 

3.1 Checkout must be completed and goods paid for in full to earn cashback.

3.2 Cashback is earned on genuine purchases only.

3.3 Cashback can be earned on repeat purchases.

3.4 Purchasing through the moular app you accept that all cashback decisions are at the sole discretion of MatchMyRoute Ltd.

3.5 Cashback is not payable if your account is suspended, deleted or in other ways deemed not to be genuine or fair use.

3.6 Cashback may be declined if all or part of your order is returned, amended or cancelled.

We do not hold earned cashback in your account as a bank account and there is no legal transfer of title of earned cashback funds and no cash value at any time outside of the app.

3.8 Users' accumulated cashback balances are displayed in their accounts as a credit note which can be redeemed on new qualifying in-app purchases. 

3.9 Matchmyroute Ltd will, at checkout, apply an appropriate discount corresponding to an amount of cashback as laid out in the examples above, if they wish to do so.

3.10 It is not possible at this time for users to transfer earned cashback outside of the app and all earned cashback is only available to be used towards future qualifying purchases from within the app.

3.11 Non-redeemed cashback will expire 12 months after the initial purchase where the cashback was earned if it is not redeemed before this time.

3.12 Users can choose to donate their cashback to our charity partners instead of applying it to future purchases if they wish to do so at their own discretion.
4. App Usage

Cashback promotion is based on fair use and at the sole discretion of MatchMyRoute Ltd

4.1 Only one account is allowed per person, any duplicate accounts created to increase cashback earnings will be disqualified and all users will have their cashback earnings cancelled and forfeit the ability to earn future cashback.

4.2 The legal owner of the email/phone number is considered to be the account owner, any cashback earned by a third party via the app will be credited to the account owner.

4.3 MatchMyRoute Ltd reserves the right to suspend or terminate any accounts it finds to be in breach of any of the terms of use with our app or promotion rules.

4.4 The user warrants that all information which they provide within the app is true and accurate and up to date.

4.5 If a user wishes to terminate their account which has an earned cashback balance they will forfeit their cashback.

4.6 After an account is terminated no cashback is redeemable or payable.

4.7 You can close your account at any time contacting the moular team.

4.8 In the event of fraudulent or abusive behaviour either within the app or reported by any of our partner agents we reserve the right to terminate users' accounts and retain any earned cashback balance.

4.9 Whilst we make every effort to ensure our app is 100% fully functional and online we are not liable for any reason if our app experiences any downtime. We will always endeavour to maintain a constant service via the app.

4.10 Users are responsible for ensuring the safety of their mobile devices and must guard against unauthorised purchases.

4.11 We will exercise reasonable care and skill in performing our obligations to you but we do not guarantee that our App will meet your requirements.

4.12 We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors and for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
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